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Consolidated Electronics, Inc. was founded in 1954 by Charles A. Harner, Sr and Roger Barneby.  We have been a specialty low voltage electronics contractor in the Northwest Louisiana region for over 25 years.  Mr. Harner's experience in this industry spans over fifty years.

The staff at Consolidated Electronics has over 80 years of experience selling, installing, and servicing communications equipment.  This experience also encompasses numerous other brands of professional communications products.  All of our lead technicians have been to various service schools.  Our goal is to continually learn more about the communication concerns of our clients to facilitate common sense solutions, using the latest state of the art technology available.

Consolidated Electronics, Inc. has exhibited it's depth of experience, financial strength and marketing commitment by establishing a solid foothold in the Northwest Louisiana region.

We service all of the equipment we sell and are willing to repair other equipment installed by our competitors.  Optimistic annual goals have been exceeded and realistic plans will continue to follow.  We are dedicated to deliver a quality product to our customers, the first time, on time.   

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